It Snowed! 

Yes, it is March and yes it snowed. Who would have thought? Funny to think that just two days ago it was about 74 degrees and now half that. I had been hoping last night that I would wake up to snow, but my family and I doubted that – it would come and go.

But as usual, the weather surprised us. This morning, at about 10, I woke up to the white glow of snow. I quickly grabbed my robe and a hot cup of coffee to accompany me as I enjoyed the sight. 

All this morning and into the afternoon I worked on ideas for new songs, studied the Word, and read. My favorite things, with my favorite pet (Phoenix has been annoying as usual – our teenage cat who thinks he’s the king of our house) Bella who slept on my feet the whole time.

Because I was so excited about the fallen snow, I snapped some pics. (I apologize for the horrible quality, but I have no more room on my camera roll)

When we returned home after an enjoyable time out, snow had made a layer on the ground. I was surpised, because the ground had been too warm earlier for the snow to stick, but now it has blanketed the ground!

We are all praying (but doubting) that the snow will stick long enough to get us out of school. However, tomorrow the high is 50 degrees and sunny. Pray that this snow will save us!

Anyways, I’m back home and back in my comfy clothes. We are about to watch Moana (IT’S SO CUTE) so I hope you enjoy your evening, as I’ve enjoyed mine. 



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